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The yacht and the family

This may not apply to you, but applied to us. What type of boat to get when you have a mix of a racer, a reluctant cruiser, and a young family?

There are a bewildering array of boats for sale that might suit the family sailor, and much depends of course on budget. But if you intend to take small children on board, then safety must be a prime consideration. There is no point in having a racing yachts with many strings and wires, which will only perfor is given constant attention. A more sedate boat will be required.

Unless you already experience of a range of boats, the best bet is probably to charter a range of different types of boats, either for weekends or for a longer period. Once you have sailing a number of different types of yachts you can get a feel for what you need. Is size important? Do you prefer cosy, or must the kids have cabins to themselves? Is hot water important? If it is then you probably need a larger boat.

As the kids get bigger, so the yacht can become a little more interesting. But then you need to deal with the reluctant cruiser...

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