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Class Associations

Elizabethans - Elizabethan Owners Association promoting friendship between Elizabethan Yacht Owners. Elizabethan classes are Elizabethan 23, Elizabethan 29, Elizabethan 30, Elizabethan 31 and Elizabethan 35.
Visited 822 times

Claymore - Our Claymore Owner's Group is a not-for-profit group currently consisting of owners, and soon-to-be owners of the venerable Claymore Motorsailer, from around the world. The objective of the Claymore Motorsailer Group is to enhance the pleasure of owning and/or sailing a a Claymore. This group provides a forum for owners, and persons interested in motorsailers, to socialize and exchange ideas, maintenance tips, and other information related to the ownership and operation of the Claymore
Visited 610 times

Potter - myPOTTERpage is a website dedicated to the West Wight Potter family of sailboats, and the skippers who sail them. The site offers free picture posting in our Gallery, and probably the best collection of Potter and Sailing Links.
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Halberdier Owners Group - We are the owners of the Alan Hill designed Moody Halberdier 36Ft Ketch Motor Sailer. We are at present located worldwide in the US, Canada, Australia and UK, and exchange tech info, cruising news and general chat. We welcome any new members who own or sail these quality craft.
Visited 436 times

Sea Wych Owners Association - Seawych Owners Association for inshore and coastal cruising
Visited 415 times

Foxcub Class Association - This site is for the Uffa Fox Inspired MK1 and MK2 Foxcub trailer sailor
Visited 331 times

Banjer 37 Motorsailer - Banjer 37 Motorsailer is a handsome g.r.p. ketch rigged pilothouse motorsailor, modeled on the lines of a North Sea trawler, with a distinct emphasis on the motoring side of her job. Banjer 37 was designed by the Dutchman Dick Lefeber and built from 1968 by Intermarine N.V. of Holland at Eista Werf, their Ammerzoden premises, close to Netherhemert.
Visited 246 times

Dehler Owners - Dehler Owners is a site those discerning yachtsmen and yachtswomen who own, or aspire to own, a Dehler yacht. The purpose is to extend enjoyment of the ownership of these wonderful yachts through sharing the experience of both sailing and maintaining them.
Visited 185 times

Virgo Owners Association - Virgo Voyagers, Newbridge Boats, Pioneer, Pioneer Pilot. The official website of the Virgo Owners Association
Visited 182 times

Albin Vega - The VAGB is run by Vega Owners and for Vega Owners. Its' purpose is to promote the Albin Vega, obtain affordable spares, solve technical problems and help other Vega owners in any way possible.
Visited 181 times

Twister Class Association - Conceived by ‘Kim’ Holman in 1963 the original Twister of Mersea was designed to optimise the rating rules of the time. Based on his experience with the Stella Kim designed the Twister to have more draft, carry more sail and yet ‘rate’ the same .... and he got it right!
Visited 179 times

Hurley Owners Association - The Hurley Owner’s Association was founded by John Udy in April 1998, prior to that there had been a association in Plymouth, however that only catered for Hurley 22 owners and had wound down several years earlier. The HOA, for Hurleys of all classes, came about when, as a Hurley 22 owner, John was very surprised to discover that nothing existed for these great boats whose designs go back to the 1960s. A couple of letters in the yachting press, and sixteen months further on and the association had a large number of members, mostly in the UK but also in Europe and across the Atlantic.
Visited 157 times

Hunter Association - The Hunter Association aims to provide a means of bringing Hunter owners together for fun sailing and social events and to share knowledge and experiences. It is open to anyone who owns, sails or is interested in a British Hunter.
Visited 115 times

Dragon Class Association - The Dragon was designed by Johan Anker in 1929. The original design had two berths and was ideally suited for cruising in his home waters of Norway. The boat quickly attracted owners and within ten years it had spread all over Europe. In 1937 the Gold Cup was presented to the class by the Clyde Yacht Club Association. This quickly became one of the principal championships in the class and a prestigious trophy in the world of competitive yachting.
Visited 104 times

International 470 Class Association - Site for the International 470 Class Association
Visited 86 times

National Solo Class Association - Site for the National Solo Class Association
Visited 75 times

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