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Individual Yachts

The Conch Pearl - a Jaguar 22 - The Jaguar 22 was designed by Frank Butler of Catalina Yachts, USA., in 1969 as the Catalina 22, & is still in production in modified form today. That alone speaks volumes for the design. Under the name of Jaguar, they were built as the first of a line, by Eric Birch of Canvey Island, from the 1970s to the early 1980s. It is thought that 1534 were built. The Conch Pearl was built in 1977 with the sail number 7041.
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Blue Moonlight - This is my home page for my Westerly Centaur. Blue Moonlight
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Achilles 24 - Zethar - site dedicated to the Achilles 24 and owning, sailing, cruising and racing this excellent yacht, with descriptions, pictures, line drawings and other information.
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Cox 21 - A single page, looking for information about this boat, or anything about Cox Marine Limited
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Heavenly Twins 26 mk III - Top Cat is a Heavenly Twins 26 mk III. She is still undergoing work, although we are now up to the fitting out and making her look pretty stage. Top Cat is number 0181. She was built in 1977.
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Fly - a Hunter Impala OOD - Fly is a Hunter Impala OOD — a David Thomas designed cruiser racer built in 1980. She’s the fourth boat I’ve owned, but the fastest and most fun to sail. She spends the summer months racing and (sometimes) cruising on the fabulous West Coast of Scotland.
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Wild Call - Contessa 32 - Photography of Russia Ukraine and Eastern Europe by Simon Crofts ARPS - a frequent contributor at YBW
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Saringa - Contest 27 B - The Contest 27 B - Saringa was built by a famous Dutch boatyard Contest Conyplex. Plans were drawn up by Dick Zaal, one of the best naval architects of today. This sturdy, seaworthy family cruiser with a conservative hull was in production from 1968 - 75 and superseded a former model of Contest 27, which was narrower (2.50m) and somehow not so elegant. Every boat was built under personal supervision of Lloyd s surveyor. The boat has a Lloyd s certificate No. 201 301 and a hull No. is 146.
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Westerly Fulmar, Ivanhoe of Redclyffe - Westerly Fulmar, Ivanhoe of Redclyffe and the Owners
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Moonshine - a Jaguar 27 - Her name is Moonshine and she's a 1972 Jaguar 27. We've seen a lot of tatty boats over the winter, but Moonshine has just had a comprehensive re-fit, with a new engine, new standing rigging and new interior upholstery, so she's looking rather smart.
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Beneteau Oceanis 390 - Stingo - In this account of an indefinite cruise around the world on a Beneteau Oceanis 390, you will find yarns that I've heard or possibly spun myself mixed in with a few details of the preparation for the trip and of course, a selection of anecdotes from the voyage and photographs of anything worth clicking at.
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Fairweather - Moody Halberdier - 'Fairweather' is the Entract family's 36 foot Halberdier ketch. Built by Moodys of Swanwick back in 1971, she is big, powerful and comfortable enough to live aboard for months should the urge take one.
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Indigo - a Twister - No longer a pot-hunting racer, the Twister is now seen as a small, rugged cruiser par-excellence.
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Swedish Lady - Swede 38 - On this site you can see my blog, an online diary for everything I do to Swedish Lady, where we go, what we improve, repair. Or take alook at our gallery, many pages of her laid up, crew shots and generally what she does best, sail.
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Drum - This 78 foot, Maxi racing yacht, formerly owned by Simon le Bon of Duran Duran, was designed by Ron Holland to compete in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race.
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Tartan 27 - Keeldragger - This side is dedicated to 'Keeldragger', a 1970 Tartan 27, hull # 468.
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Moonshine - Describes the design, history, renovation and cruising adventures in my Contessa 26, Moonshine. Hopefully you will find the pictures and information useful or my downloads practical if your sailing around North Wales. I've also included a few of my sailing yarns for your amusement.
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Dream come true - In January this year Peter and Debbie Emmons sold their house in Northamptonshire where they had lived for 5 years and bought a sailing yacht. Built in 1979, Bambola Quatre is a 36 foot Angus Primrose designed Moody.
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Trapper 300 - Shuir - Welcome to Ian and Alan's Trapper 300 site
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Yacht Breila - Website for our sailing and cruising adventures. We created this website as a way to keep in touch with our family and friends, sharing our experiences along the way.
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Neraida - a Bénéteau First Class 8 - A first Class 8 based in the Solent
Visited 115 times

Yabadoo III - a Dehler 38 - Dehler 38 er konstruert av marin arkitekten Ricus van de Stadt 1986. I dag heter konstruksjonsfirmaet Van de Stadt Design
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Yacht Tammie - Little information about the boat itself, but based in the West of Scotland.
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Yacht Megan - Frequent visitors to the West Coast of Scotland sailing their 23ft Heard Gaff-cutter Megan around the Western Isles from its base at Creran Moorings.
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Morgan's Cloud - a custom McCurdy and Rhodes 56-foot cutter - Morgan’s Cloud, our boat and home, is a custom McCurdy and Rhodes 56-foot cutter. Here is a general description of her including what has worked well and what we would do differently.
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Swagman - Summer wanderings of John and Sue in their Hanse 461 Sailing Yacht: 2005
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Victorious - Victorious is a Kings Lynn (The wash, East coast, UK) fishing smack built by Warfolk bros At the turn of the century.(strong rumours point to 1902 but not yet documented) She was 41-42' LOD and would have carried some 15 plus Ft of bowsprit. 11'2 beam and displacing about 15-17 tons. She was abandoned in her home port approx. 1988 and by the time I met her in Oct 98, she had silted up inside as far as the deck knees!
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Anna Cathalina - Anna Cathalina is a Somoa 47 which was built in Holland to a Van de Stadt design. She is an aluminium sloop, built to a very high standard, and is a very strong boat. Below decks she has a large living space, navigation area, two heads, and three double cabins. She has most mod cons., so living aboard is not intended to be a trial and test of endurance.
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Amazon - A Jeanneau Sun Fast 32 - Amazon Sailing, Website about Amazon, A Jeanneau Sun Fast 32 Racing Yacht Sailed from Burnham On Crouch from the Crouch Yacht Club.
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Rapaz - From 1996 to 2006 we sailed the coastlines of Europe - from Scotland to Turkey - living aboard Rapaz, our 40ft yacht. The areas we visited are compared in the Sailing part of this website.
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Remedy - 1999 Hunter 450 - We cruise in Galveston Bay and party in the Clear Lake Area. Join us.
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