Makes of Yacht

There are many sites that have complete listing of the various makes of yacht. Their individual web sites will be included in the links section. However this is intended only as an overview of some of the main, and most popular makes of yacht.

Anyone who has been anywhere near yachts will know of Moody. The Moody name is synonymous with performance cruising According to the Moody web site: "Yet faster passage times are only part of how we define performance at Moody. Performance means being able to sail into challenging seas with unshakable confidence in the seaworthiness and stability of your vessel."

However this quality does come at a price. Even second hand yachts are not cheap, and when you scan the yacht brokerage listing you will find that the same amount of money will buy a bigger boat, such as...

Loved by the charter fleets the Jeanneau range can usually cater for all tastes. Rather than being handbuilt the Jeanneau range is instead built on production line principles. In the sailboat division, the development of the Sun Odyssey DS range is a highlight for them. Their website boasts of the Sun Odyssey 54 DS, a boat that is said to be ahead of its time, which has been designed by the naval architect Jacques FAUROUX and the designer Vittorio GARRONI, who combine exceptional levels of performance and comfort with a modular layout - a process currently patented by Jeanneau. Another boat builder using production line techniques is...

Bavaria yachts are seen as good quality yachts at very low prices. For the price of a second hand Moody, the broker should be able to offer a new Bavaria of the same size. They will not appeal to everyone, but the price is difficult to resist. The new Match range is designed to appeal to yacht racers, and they certainly look good.

The other main volume manufacturer is Beneteau. The web site hyperbole is perhaps a bit much..."Bénéteau has been building boats for more than one century. Originally, robust trawlers sailing out regardless of the weather because they had to; boats built with dedication to excellent workmanship, with respect, and, above all, with high regard for the safety and the pleasure of the people who sailed them. The company's history is a long series of anecdotes, successes, accomplishments, constant innovation and strong sensations. This family business is entering the third millennium with the goal of making pleasure boating accessible to an even greater number..." Perhaps something has been lost in the translation. Howevre their First range of yachts are undoubtly good to look at and sail well. There is seldom a yacht club without a Beneteau.