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PM’s programme omits Marine Bill

11 July 2007

Gordon Brown has unveiled his draft legislative programme for the next Parliamentary session but, to the dismay of the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), has not included the Marine Bill.

The Marine Bill has been heralded by both environmentalists and industry sectors as a golden opportunity to better protect our marine wildlife, and better manage and plan marine activities and development opportunities at sea. By relegating the Marine Bill to a secondary list of potential ‘draft’ bills that will have to undergo further consultation, the Prime Minister has placed the first rock that may yet drive the Marine Bill aground, says the MCS.

Detailed proposals for the Marine Bill have already been consulted on through the White Paper ‘Sea Change’ earlier this year, with work underway on the Bill itself. But the MCS reckons that with no guarantees of a slot in the next Parliamentary session the Bill could well run out of time.

Posted by: Helen

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