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New Marine Electronics Lock

26 April 2008

Bracket-mounted electronics on unattended boats are an easy target for thieves - just unscrew the knobs, unplug the cord and walk away. The new Universal Electronics Lock from DuraSafe secures bracket-mounted electronics, leaving a thief no other alternative but to move on.

The compact and rugged, but inexpensive lock MSRP is just $19.99 - replaces one of the bracket knobs and secures the unit to the bracket. One size (one SKU) fits GPS, fishfinders and VHF radios made by virtually every manufacturer. It can be keyed alike if more than one bracket-mounted device needs to be secured on board.

Made in the USA of marine grade material, the Universal Electronics Lock includes a rubber cap to protect it from the elements.

For more information about the DuraSafe Universal Electronics Lock and other DuraSafe products, visit

Posted by: John

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