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New Wireless Security for Tenders

25 May 2008

Boat security systems supplier Paradox Marine has introduced Nav-Tracker 2.0 TenderTAG, an enhanced model of its Nav-Tracker 2.0 wireless boat location and GPS tracking system. TenderTAG activates an alarm when a tender is separated from the master craft, which can happen if a tow line breaks, the tender sinks, or it’s stolen.

When a Nav-Tracker 2.0 TenderTAG transmitter is mounted discreetly on a tender, a wireless ‘leash’ with a programmable range from 100 to 400 feet is created. The Nav-Tracker 2.0 receiver on board the boat or yacht will not only alert you if the leash is broken - with the flick of a switch you can also disable the tender’s engine. An additional switch is available to remotely turn on the tender’s navigation lights for night time towing.

Nav-Tracker 2.0 uses Inmarsat based GPS satellite technology to monitor a boat’s location and notify up to four people by email and/or text message every 15 minutes with the latitude/longitude, speed and heading if it is moved outside of a 'geo-fence' with a 500-foot radius. The system will also send several daily status reports.

A message from Nav-Tracker 2.0 would look like this:

Message From Nav-Tracker 2.0
User: Paradox Marine
Asset: M/Y Island Time
Fleet: ETI
Date/Time: 2006-07-25 15:06:28 (EDT)
Event: Geo-fence breached;
Location: 26.05767,-80.1303.3 (0.75 mi NE of Hollywood, FL 33019)
Speed/heading: 9.2 Knots, 144 deg
Google Earth Map: [KML]
This email is for notification only. Please DO NOT reply to this email.

Some insurance companies now require GPS tracking devices to be installed on certain types of boats, including high performance boats and boats with triple high-horsepower outboards.

For more information about Nav-Tracker 2.0 TT, Nav-Tracker 2.0 and other Paradox Marine boat security, monitoring, tracking and survelliance products, visit or call 1+(866) 929-4442 (US) or 1+(954) 565-9898.

Posted by: John

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