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Free, Searchable Marine Writers’ Directory

2 August 2008

Boating Writers International, a nonprofit professional organization, announces the creation of a new marine writers’ directory at its website,

'We created the directory as a free service to connect our members with anyone needing the help of a professional marine journalist,' explains BWI President Kim Kavin. 'Anyone who is seeking a writer, editor, photographer or videographer can search our database by name, state, subject specialty and more. If you know you need a Florida-based writer who specializes in marine electronics, for instance, or a California-based writer who specializes in boat maintenance, our database will let you search those specific terms.'

More than 100 of BWI’s 500-plus members have opted to upload their information into the new database since it went online for member-only use in March. The search function has since been tested several times to ensure reliability, and some BWI members have already reported making new contacts from their listings thanks to search engines such as Google.

The subject specialties of BWI members listed in the database include consumer advocacy, marine manufacturing, boat travel and charter, gear and product reviews, boat tests, megayachts, sailing yachts, production boats, seamanship, marine history, marine finance, profiles, adventure boating, marine conservation, singlehanded cruising, do-it-yourself maintenance, yacht racing, engines, naval architecture, yacht design, fly fishing, sport fishing, boat handling, propellers, industry news, galley cooking and entertaining, women’s boating issues, marine propulsion systems, photography, video production, and more.

'Many of our members are literally the best journalists in the world in their segments of the boating media,' Kavin says. 'With the new BWI database, anyone seeking their expertise, in any area of the marine industry, will have an easy and free way to connect with them.'

To access the database, go to and click on 'Writer’s Directory' in the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page.

BWI is a non-profit professional organization consisting of writers, editors, publishers, broadcasters, photographers, public relations specialists and others in the communications profession associated with the recreational boating industry. Members include active marine journalists across the U.S., in Canada and worldwide, supporting marine manufacturers and service entities, and associates in communication roles. More information about the association can be found at

Direct questions about the new database to Executive Director Greg Proteau at, or to BWI President Kim Kavin at

Posted by: John

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