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Boat Bunkers

23 August 2008

Boat Bunkers International has added dealerships in California and Arizona for the company’s unique in-water mooring stations that keep boat hulls clean and eliminate the need for anti-fouling paints.

Available for boats 12 to 50 feet, Boat Bunkers In-Water Mooring Stations create an isolation chamber that the boat floats in. The isolation prevents oxygen flow and food sources, which in turn prevents growth of barnacles and other marine life. The patented, inflatable design allows the mooring stations to be mass produced, transported and installed in virtually any location.

The new Boat Bunkers dealers are Farallone Yacht Sales ( with three locations in California (San Francisco, Newport Beach and San Diego), Hipp Marine ( and That Canvas Guy ( in San Diego, Bartlett Lake Marina (, Carefree, Arizona and Pleasant Harbor Marina (, Lake Pleasant, Arizona.

The Arizona dealerships have been established to help area fresh water boaters contend with the growing presence of zebra mussels. 'Boat Bunkers offers a simple but highly effective solution to control zebra mussels without the use of any toxic components,' said Mark Kempster of Boat Bunkers International.

Boat Bunkers In-Water Mooring Stations dealerships are available in boating markets across the US. For more information, visit or contact Ken Overman, Vice President of Sales,, 1+800.576.2511 (toll free in the US) or 1+239.541.5356.

Posted by: John

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