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SodaBlast Systems Eco-Friendly Boat Hull Cleaning

30 August 2008

Eco-friendly SodaBlasting uses a special formulation of non-toxic sodium bicarbonate - baking soda - to remove paint and marine growth from boat bottoms without harming the gelcoat.

In the SodaBlasting process, a non-destructive stream of air-driven, specially formulated baking soda under high pressure is first used to strip the antifoulant paint and open the blister. Then, to prepare the surface for repair and repainting, the affected area around the blister is feathered by split-second, swirled 'micro-blasting'. This finishes the surface in preparation for repair. The entire process can be accomplished in 1/10 the time as traditional techniques, resulting in a properly prepared surface that is ready for blister repair and painting.

The SodaBlasting hull cleaning service is available from a network of over 160 company-trained, Preferred SodaBlasting Contractors worldwide.

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Posted by: John

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