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Shore power catalogue

25 September 2008

Shore power products manufacturer Furrion has launched a new web site at that features the 2009 Furrion catalog, a user-friendly product selection guide and product information video.

Furrion’s modern, stylish products – cordsets, cables, adapters, plugs and inlets – feature the company’s efficient, built-in SMART technology - Loadsmart™ power consumption and Powersmart™ voltage indicators and Signalsmart™ anti-interference filters.

The new site also describes the company’s partnership with the non-profit organization Trees For The Future. Furrion will plant one tree to offset the impact on the environment of carbon emissions from manufacturing and the lifecycle of each Loadsmart product sold.

Furrion products are competitively-priced, compatible with shore power products from other manufacturers and backed by Furrion’s 5-year warranty. For more information, visit

Posted by: John

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