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Monsterski - raising money for the MS Trust

19 September 2009

Mike was a helicopter pilot with the RAF. He served his country well, flying missions in the first Gulf War and then the more recent operations in Iraq. A leader of men, an expert in his specialist field, a former British Helicopter Champion, and above all a passionate aviator. But then he was diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis.

Discharged from the RAF on medical grounds he was left without his job, his career, or his vocation - to fly. That would be enough to bring anyone down. But Mike refused to be bowed, and relentlessly pursued the positive. MonsterSki is only one example of the way in which he has sought to take a positive approach to life.

When you hear Mike's story it puts day to day worries and irritations into perspective. It inspires us (and we hope you too), to be both positive and to help others. That's why we accepted the challenge of MonsterSki4 due to take place in April 2010.

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Posted by: John

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