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Pirate incident for Gipsy Moth IV

6 March 2007

Gipsy Moth IV and a group of Blue Water Rally yachts had a skirmish with pirates in February, according to reports.

The incident happened while the boats were negotiating the Gulf of Aden, which is notorious for piracy, as part of their voyage from Sri Lanka to Djibouti.

According to a posting on the Blue Water Rallies site, a small boat, possibly a RIB, came zooming towards the group, while another boat was spotted some distance away.

The Blue Rally yachts closed together in a pre-arranged manoeuvre, and an emergency message was sent out on VHF. A few minutes later a Coalition warship – the USS Oak Hill – appeared, sending the suspected pirates scurrying away.

The yachts then continued on to Djibouti without further incident.

Gipsy Moth IV is the famous yacht used by Sir Francis Chichester to sail round the world in record-breaking time. It is now participating in the Blue Water Rally, a circumnavigation of the world expected to last 22 months. Taking part during the voyage are disadvantaged young people from all over the UK.


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