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19 September 2009

Monsterski - raising money for the MS Trust

Mike was a helicopter pilot with the RAF. He served his country well, flying missions in the first Gulf War and then the more recent operations in Iraq. A leader of men, an expert in his specialist field, a former British Helicopter Champion, and above all a passionate aviator. But then he was diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis.

Discharged from the RAF on medical grounds he was left without his job, his career, or his vocation - to fly. That would be enough to bring anyone down. But Mike refused to be bowed, and relentlessly pursued the positive. MonsterSki is only one example of the way in which he has sought to take a positive approach to life.

When you hear Mike's story it puts day to day worries and irritations into perspective. It inspires us (and we hope you too), to be both positive and to help others. That's why we accepted the challenge of MonsterSki4 due to take place in April 2010.

Donate now by visiting
Posted by: John

25 November 2008

Snuggie - The Blanket with Sleeves

Stay warm from head to toe with the Snuggie Fleece Throw.

Made of super-soft, thick, luxurious fleece with oversized loose fitting sleeves, so shoulders,arms and upper body remain protected from the cold but arms and hands are free to use your laptop, TV remote, read a book, talk on the phone, eat a snack.

Snuggie Fleece Throw won't slip and slide like a regular blanket and allows complete freedom of movement.

As the temperature drops, you can keep your heating bill low and stay warm and comfy with your Snuggie Fleece Blanket.

It is Ideal for staying toasty warm at sporting events or chilly outdoor evenings. This cozy, super large, machine washable fleece is the perfect gift! Work the remote, use your laptop, or do some reading in a luxurious super soft fleece Snuggie!

This one-size fits all! Snuggie is warm and makes a great gift, so share the warmth.

Buy 1 Snuggie now & get a 2nd one free!
Posted by: John

22 November 2008

Rocna Anchors launch online anchoring resource

Rocna Anchors has released a comprehensive online collection of information on the topic of anchors, anchoring accessories, and the science of anchoring.

The Rocna Knowledge Base at is a comprehensive, indexed and searchable digital encyclopaedia covering anchors and anchoring.

The new website includes a section specific to anchors, including a collection of Rocna installation case studies, and guidelines for designing and building the ideal bow roller. Analyses of independent testing, explanations of anchor classification/certification, advice on sizing anchors and much more is also available online.

Content is not restricted to anchors; major sections focus on the rest of the anchoring system – chain, rope, connectors (shackles and swivels), windlasses, etc. Optimising rode make-up, best practice anchoring techniques, multiple anchor rigs, tandem anchoring and optimising the scope and catenary of the rode for best anchor performance are just a few of the topics covered in-depth.

Five years in testing and development prior to its 2005 release, the Rocna anchor has proven to be the ultimate boat anchor, confirmed by independent testing and positive user feedback.

Available in galvanised and stainless steel, in sizes from 4 kg (9 lb) to 275 kg (606 lb), there is a Rocna for every vessel, from runabouts to small ships. Contact: Rocna Anchors, ph 0800 4 ROCNA (0800 4 76262) within New Zealand; ph +64 9 447 1961 international; e-mail, web

Posted by: John

13 November 2008

Eco-friendly mooring system

The moving parts (particularly the heavy chains) of conventional mooring systems can damage or destroy seabeds which serve as vital marine habitats.

With no moving parts to come in contact with the seabed floor, the EzyRider Mooring System from Australian manufacturer Global Moorings Pty Ltd has virtually no impact on the marine environment.

'Mooring chain scouring is responsible for the destruction of vast areas of coral reef and seagrass meadows, which nurture fish and other sealife and are critically important in the sustainability of commercial and recreational fisheries,' said Global Moorings CEO David Lightfoot. 'The EzyRider Mooring System can be safely established in coral and seagrass, thus meeting best environmental practices,' Lightfoot said.

EzyRider will be on display at Stand 4.401 at METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) 2008 in Amsterdam, November 18-20.

Designed, engineered and tested to safely secure boats, even in open water conditions, EzyRider is manufactured from heavy duty, but light weight and low maintenance corrosion-resistant materials. With no moving parts and fewer connection points, wear and maintenance is considerably less for an EzyRider when compared with a conventional mooring system. The use of buoyancy and tensioned rubbers to dissipate energy makes for an ‘easy ride’ and comfort on board without the jerky, snatch effect often experienced on other mooring systems.

The EzyRider Mooring can be installed to various anchoring systems, in a wide range of applications and in most marine locations and substrates. The EzyRider’s unique self-centering action reduces the total amount of vessel swing room by up to 50%, providing significant space saving advantages for marinas and boat owners.

For more information about the EzyRider Mooring System, visit Stand 4.401 at METS 2008,, or call Global Moorings Pty, +61 8 9467 2962.

Posted by: John

12 November 2008

IRC Notice 2009 - Composite rigging

There is currently a rumour circulating that the IRC rating increase for composite standing rigging is going to be removed for 2009.

While it is true that the IRC Technical Committee is looking at the rating cost of composite standing rigging, it is unlikely that there will be any change at all. If there is, it will be small.

There is certainly no intention for 2009 of removing the rating cost for composite standing rigging.

For more information contact the RORC.
Posted by: John

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