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I don’t know what it is about sailors, but you may have noticed that they have a very descriptive, if exaggerated, turn of phrase. This is particularly obvious when sitting snug in the pub after a day on the water:

'…and we were just blasting down wind…' someone will say.

'… shooting over the waves…' another will add, often with accompanying hand motion.

'…screaming off wind…' will bellow a big guy in the corner, while

'…we did this crash gybe…' will explain a rather battered looking individual with a bandage round his arm.

All very descriptive, but hardly reassuring to a Relectant Sailor. All in all, I find that the best way to cope with the barrage of banter is to demand another glass of wine/beer/prozac, and let it all drift by…

The Sailing Fanatic has not been doing much drifting lately. In fact he has not set foot on the boat since November, and has been looking steadily more fed up as the days go by. A few descriptive words spring to mind here: glum, bored, tetchy… I could go on.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel! A few days ago came the news that, against all odds, the business meeting that was scheduled for the middle of the Scottish Series had been cancelled! The Sailing Fanatic could go!

Cheers all round! The Sailing Fanatic is now beaming. He is chirpy, excited and in full organisational mode. Tarbert, boat and potential crew beware! The Sailing Fanatic is on his way!

Coincidentally, a few days after hearing The Good News, I received a parcel from the Patrick Roach Picture Agency with a cracking shot of Sea Dreamer and crew at the last (gale hit) Scottish Series. The sea is black, and whipped with white horses; the boat is speeding along, gunnels in the water; and the crew is hanging on for dear life.

The Sailing Fanatic was delighted with the picture.

'It looks awfully windy!' I said.

He laughed. 'Just a little bit!' he said.

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