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The joy of snailing

Of all the creatures in the world, I have never really seen the point of snails. They are slimy, slow, and easily squished. In fact, the only desirable feature of being a snail is the fact that when you want to move you simply take your house with you.

Still a bit of an effort, you might think, but speaking as someone who is going through the trauma of trying to move house, it has a very definite appeal. There would be no need to speak to solicitors, or bank managers, estate agents or viewers. There would be no need for incessant tidying, no need to make yourself available at the most inconvenient times and no need to suffer the indignity of someone unexpectedly poking through your kitchen cupboards.

As a snail, youd simply pack up your bags and go.

It occurred to me that living on board a yacht might be a little bit like that. When you got tired of the view, or if the neighbours were being too noisy, you could simply leave. Off you would go in your little floating house, to wherever your fancy took you.

It was for this reason that I was vaguely interested when the Sailing Fanatic sent me an email about a boat 60 foot, wooden, beautiful and a charter business that were up for sale. Based somewhere on the west coast this little outfit combined sailing adventures with family cruising and professional sailing with comfort. What a dream job for a Sailing Fanatic!

I emailed back.

'Where would we stay?'

'Wed have to buy a house,' came the reply.

'What? And sell our new, only-just-bought one?'

'Er Yes.'

'Forget it mate,' I replied. 'Im staying put!'

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