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This is a collection of my favourite links to sailing videos. I will be putting in the first frame so you can see the general topic. If you have any videos that you would like to see here let me know. We will also upload videos to YouTube, as they have a great facility for sharing the clips!

Mysteries of the Deep!

A bit of fun with the camcorder underwater, trying to capture the seals who were following us.

Scottish Series 2007

DVD quality available on request!

Scottish Series 2006

A montage of photos and video clips from our first Scottish Series in 2006.

Playstation crashing through the waves

Yeeee hah! Sea Dreamer at speed

A fast spinnaker run from Tarbert to Largs with wind of about 30 knots with the spinnaker up!

Another fast spinnaker run

Another clip of that fast spinnaker run

Mumm 30's at speed

[This clip no longer seems to be available if anyone knows where it is let us know!] An outstanding clip showing Mumm 30's at speed, with technically excellent spinnaker handling. One for the purist.

Wipeout water sports

Just silly, but funny. Various wipe out's on water.

ABN AMRO in the North Sea

Quite a long video clip of the ABN AMRO Volvo Ocean Race yacht at speed

Pirates at speed!

Pirates of the Carribean: huge waves, unbelieveable speed, an excellent clip

A Family Sail

Nothing exciting, just a good example of a family yacht in the sun. Smiles all round!

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Sea Dreamer collage