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Maximus on her way to the Round the Island record

Maximus on her way to the Round the Island record

Maximus slashed the WSSRC round the Island record, circumnavigating the Island in just three hours, 20 minutes and 9 seconds. According to bar room gossip the attempt was a bit of a last minute affair, with the perfect conditions prompting the record attempt.

Conditions looked good with winds gusting between 18-25kn from 350 (north) and tides favourable for the 98’ Supermaxi as they planed down to the Needles with boat speed hitting 31kn during a gust. A spinnaker hoist and average boat speed of 15.8kn saw Maximus eating away the 4hour 8 minutes record set by Leopard five years ago. Three tacks back in the Solent and they crossed the finish line at speed amongst horns, boats and crew cheers to place themselves on the record books for the first time.

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