<% Dim pictureID Set pictureRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet") pictureID= Chr(34) & Request.QueryString("pictureID") & Chr(34) pictureSQL= "Select * FROM tblPictures WHERE active=-1 AND ID =" & pictureID & ";" pictureRS.Open pictureSQL, whtConn, 1 title = pictureRS("Title") description = pictureRS("Description") category = pictureRS("Category") URL = pictureRS("URL") HiRes = pictureRS("HiRes") 'close connections,etc.. pictureRS.Close Set pictureRS = Nothing %> <% =title %>

<% =title %>


<% =description %>

<% If HiRes = 1 Then Response.Write "High Resolution picture available for download. All pictures are of course protected by copyright. Feel free to look at them. If you want to put them to commercial use then ask us first!" End If%>

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