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Sunset over Ailsa Craig

4.   In fairytale fashion the sun set over Ailsa Craig.

The most notable feature of Ailsa is way in which it rises from the sea. It is clearly of volcanic origin; and while most islands have more or less of a flat surface near the shore, Ailsa has none. Ailsa is almost inaccessible apart from a shingle beach. I have only seen it from the coast, and thought it impressive from Turnberry.

According to the measurements of the Ordnance Survey, Ailsa is 3,900 feet in length (or a little over 3/4 of a mile); 2,600 feet in breadth (or a little over 1/2 of a mile); and 1,114 feet in height (or somewhat less than 1/4 of a mile).(2). In circumference, it is rather more than 21 miles, and it covers an area of 220 acres.

Sunset over Ailsa Craig

The nearest part of the mainland is Ardwell point, Ayr-shire, 81/2- miles; Girvan is 91/2 miles distant; Turnberry 11 1/2 miles; Pladda in Arran 12 miles; Corsewall point in Wigton, 17 miles; and the nearest part of Ireland, 36 miles.

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