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Matt battles upwind

3.   Alice had been on the helm for the middle stint, and had made good progress against Pippa. Even better progress was made when nobody touched the tiller. The Dehler 38 is nicely balanced and with our set up she tracked well upwind.

Matt took over and was soon fighting the helm. Perhaps it was the chocolate biscuit that was offered, or perhaps it was the beer that was opened around lunchtime.

Matt battles upwind

Once we got into Rothesay we decided that both yachts would tie up next to the pontoons. These are on the west side of the harbour and allow easy access to the town. With us drawing about 2 metres and Pippa drawing about 2.2 metres, it would be reasonably tight.

We were told that there would be 2 metres at low tide, but as we arrived just after high tide we had plenty of room.

The harbourmaster quickly, but politely relieved us of five pounds for the privilege of staying for lunch!

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