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Preparing the mast to be re-stepped

2.   If you are going to check the mast over the winter then you need to take it down. If the boat is small, and the mast is deck-stepped, then you can sometimes take it down yourself, or with a little help. That is what we did with my father's previous boat, a Hurley 30.

However Sea Dreamer's mast is big, tall and heavy. There is no way it was going to move without mechanical help.

Preparing the mast to be re-stepped

The boatmen at the marina are all trained to deal with stepping masts of all sizes, and more importantly understand the paranoia of any owner. Care is taken at every stage, with the mast being securely tied before being lifed. The tie point is also carefully judged to ensure that the mast can be lifted and then slotted into poosition.

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