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Little Cumbrae

3.   Looking South from the moorings you can see Little Cumbrae. Little Cumbrae island, lies about 1.5 miles south of Great Cumbrae, and is about two miles long and one mile wide. The island is rocky and hilly, and also rises to over 400 Feet.

Little Cumbrae

Little Cumbrae was held by the Hunters of Hunterston, then the Montgomery Earls of Eglinton, and was maintained as a hunting forest. There are the remains of a small chapel dedicated to St Beye, and also of a castle, which was burned by Oliver Cromwell's troops in 1650.

While not clear from the photograph, one of the two islands protecting the bay can be seen (just in front of the yacht departing). When this picture was taken there were about 20 seals, including youngesters, basking on the island. We rowed up for a closer look, and only when within about 20 metres did they start to move. We rowed back, escorted by the males!

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