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The view East from Millport

4.   Looking East, you see the other island protecting the moorings, with the marker pole showing the island. Keep well clear! the approach requires a line in the middle of the channel.

The view East from Millport

Hunterston, near Largs, can be seen in the background and is home to a deepwater port for coal imports and currently handles around three million tonnes of imported coal per year. Owners Clydeport claim it is the 'UK’s foremost facility for coal imports and ideally located for the UK, Irish and European markets'.

New plans would see neighbouring land being reclaimed to create the new container terminal.

Hunterston has one of the deepest sea entrance channels in northern Europe and can accommodate some of the largest ships in the world. Supporters like local MP Brian Wilson say the proposed new terminal could make Hunterston the major container terminal in the northern half of the UK.

Two-thirds of world trade is now transported in containers, with traffic continuing to grow. Supporters of the Hunterston plans, including Scottish Enterprise, say the site is ideally located to serve major transatlantic trade routes, Europe and Asia - effectively acting as a worldwide gateway port.

While all this is good for the local economy, for those in Largs Marina, when a southerly blows, it makes for a lot of coal dust on your boat!

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