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The moorings in Rothsay Bay looking North

1.   The Isle of Bute lies in the Firth of Clyde, between the landmass of Ayrshire in the East and the sea lochs of southern Argyll. It stretches about 15 miles from the most northern point near Rhubodach to its southern end, and approximately 4 miles wide. The island is pretty flat, with Windy Hill (278m) being its highest elevation. The main town is Rothesay on the eastern shore of the island.

Like Millport the island was and is a traditional popular sea side destination for day or weekend trips. Many of the steamers on the river Clyde called at Rothesay port, and during the summer season the town was usually busy with tourists coming 'doon the watter'. Today the Paddle Steamer Waverley is the only traditional vessel sailing the Firth, but its popularity is unbroken.

The moorings in Rothsay Bay looking North

This picture shows the moorings along the western shore of the bay. This map and satellite photo gives an overview.

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