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A Rothesay mooring buoy

2.   The human history of the Isle of Bute started about 5500 years ago, when first settlers arrived at the island. Evidence of those early inhabitants can still be found on many places, e.g. the Standing Stones at St. Ninians Bay or the vitrified fort at Dunagoil Bay. Over the next centuries the isle became home to the Scottish kings of Stuart, who in around 1200 built Rothesay Castle as their main residence.

A Rothesay mooring buoy

These days Rothesay is slightly past its best, when it was a Victorian resort of choice. However significant investment in the facilities mean that it is becoming more popular. In particular there is a steady stream of visiting yachts and motor boats.

Bute Berthing Company at Rothesay Bay have laid 35 visitor moorings, and this photo shows one. they are clearly marked. Charges are £5 per night, and apparently collected each morning, although we departed at about 9 am, and there was no sign of anyone colecting - perhaps we have to pay twice next time.

Thanks to John Dewar for the following information: Bute Berthing - Rothesay Marina. Address: Bute Berthing 15 Watergate, Rothesay, Isle of Bute, PA20 9AB Map Tel: +44 (0) 700 500630 Fax: +44 (0) 7787 365104 Web: Bute Berthing Business Name: Bute Berthing Company Ltd Description: Serviced pontoons in Rothesay Harbour & swinging moorings on both shores of Rothesay Bay. For pontoon availability and advice call Rothesay Harbour on VHF Channel 37 or 16. Address: 15 Watergate, Rothesay, Isle of Bute Telephone: 01700 500630 Mobile: 07787 365104 Fax: 01700 503389

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