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Rothesay town and harbour

3.   This picture shows the town itself and the harbour. The harbour itself is quite small, with the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry berthing outside. It can be quite a busy place, with two ferries shuttling two and from Rothesay. While the moorings are some way off, boats on the moorings can be disturbed by the wash from the ferries.

On a recent trip Rothesay we decided to go into the pontoons which are on the west of the harbour. Depth is about 2 metres at datum, so for us it is quite tight. But if we avoid low tide it is fine. the harbour master was very quick to relieve us of five pounds though. It's five pounds, whether you are staying for 2 hours or twenty four hours.

Rothesay town and harbour

However the main attraction of Rothesay is stopping for an ice-cream. This photo was taken on one of the hottest days of the year in the evening. So it was into the dinghy to the pontoons at the western wall of the harbour, to buy some refreshments.

For something more substantial try the Bay Cafe, which is long to the right as you come out of the harbour. Recommended by the harbour master, we were treated to friendly service, prompt delivery of food and good solid fare. Nothing fancy, but enought to keep us going through the afternoon.

For beer, try the Black Bull, which is just next to Zavaronis.

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