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Rothesay's Victorian toilets

4.   Before any ice-cream though, it is a well worth a trip to these award winning toilets! Built in 1899 at the height of Rothesay's Victorian popularity, these public toilets are a fine example of Victorian loo culture, incorporating mosaic floors, marble fittings, shiny copper pipe work and glass-sided cisterns.

Some excellent pictures of the inside can be found here. We did not feel confident about taking the camera in!

Rothesay's Victorian toilets

According to, the interior is magnificient with walls entirely clad in decorative ceramic tiles, ornately patterned in rows. The floors are designed with ceramic mosaic, with the crest of the Royal Burgh of Rothesay at the entance.

Open 7 days a week, the Victorian Toilets are fully functional Public Lavatories. As part of the £300,000 restoration project in the 1990's there are modern ladies toilets with mother and child facilities, disabled toilets with father and child facilities and ladies and gents showers.

The complex is run on behalf of Argyll & Bute Council by Bute Victoriana Ltd., a Community Business with charitable status formed under the auspices of Bute Enterprises Ltd. Nowadays they are not only an important public facility but are a major element among the facilities at the harbour attracting yachts people and other leisure sailors to Rothesay. Fourteen urinals stand like 'sentinels' along two walls, another six surround a central stand - each a white enamel alcove topped with the legend Twyfords Ltd. Cliffe Vale Potteries, Hanley and crowned with imitation dark green St Anne marble. Three glass sided cisterns feed water to the the urinals through shining copper pipes. Nine WC cubicles with plain panelled doors complete layout. Apart from the cisterns in the cubicles all the original fitments remain as supplied in 1899 by Twyfords Ltd. Glasgow for £530.

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