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The stern gland from the inside

2.   The photo shows the view of the stern gland from the inside of the boat. The prop shaft runs though the whole fixing, but is not visible in this photo.

The bottom of the unit is the main bearing, with the rubber cover. There are three jubilee clips, a double and two singles. The top single clip has been loosened.

The circular unit on the side is the grease injection point. The 'bowl' is filled with grease and screwed on and the grease forced in.

The stern gland from the inside

Next up is the locking nut. You can then see the gland capping nut. Inside this goes the packing. The capping nut is screwed down to seal the whole unit. The following image, courtesy of the Sadler and Starlight Owners Association is an image of a similar unit.

This is generally known as the 'traditional' stern gland.

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