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Opening up the stern gland

3.   Here the stern gland has been opened up. The bearing unit slides up the shaft, and the shaft can be seen, albeit with grease on it. When repacking the stern gland, if you put too much grease in the unit, it simply overflows.

Opening up the stern gland

There are usually three rings of packing around the shaft. We found three. If they have worn, or the stern gland is leaking after adjustment, the old packing should be removed and replaced. Free the locking nut by turning clockwise. Unscrew the gland capping nut and remove old packing if necessary. Wind three turns of packing around the shaft and run a knife along the shaft so as to cut the packing into three separate rings. Now position the rings round the shaft immediately in front of the stern gland staggering the joints in the rings.

Screw back the cap until hand tight and the turn about a quarter of a turn with a spanner and secure with locking nut. When properly adjusted you should still be able to turn the shaft by holding the coupling with the engine in neutral.

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